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A special note to those of you who are new to our website and have reached us while researching the art of eyelash extensions.  Thank you for visiting!  Upon entering our site, you will find a plethora of helpful information, videos, actual client photos and more to aid you in learning more about this unique process. Whether you are just beginning to learn about extensions or  are someone ready to have extensions applied and searching for the most qualified professional around... You've come to the right place!

We understand the need to save money. It is always wise to shop around for the best price. Unfortunately, the best or lowest price does not always equate to quality.... especially when it comes to the health and safety of your eyes!

Before "price shopping" Eyelash Extensions, consider this: We are seeing a disturbing and fast growing problem in the industry today.  The amount of emergency removals that have been coming through our doors is increasing exponentially. For the first time in almost a decade, we have changed The Lash Bar website to include this "intro page"  in order to address this growing problem.  We added this page in hopes of protecting others from having a bad experience. 

The pictures you will see below are REAL and the scenarios are always the same:

  1. "Technicians" who are not Arizona State Board of Cosmetology licensed* in the field of esthetics or cosmetology, doing the procedure out of their homes.  Because no reputable salon will hire an  unlicensed person, they are working out of their homes in an attempt to hide from state board.

  2. Technicians who ARE licensed, but either they, or the salon they work for, do not see value of investing in continuing education for their employees- including PROPER HANDS-ON training for Eyelash Extensions. Instead they often opt to learn by watching a DVD or attempting to teach themselves. Trust us when we tell you this can NOT be learned via YouTube or a DVD.

  3. Nail Salons: In Arizona, nail techs are not eligible to perform this procedure. It is against the law and only a matter of time before the state board shuts them down. As a result of them not being eligible to do this service, most reputable companies refuse them training. Therefore, if indeed they break the law and perform this service, their training is often very sub-standard... if at all.

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*In July 2015, the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology did a total 180 on its policy requiring licensed cosmetologists and/or estheticians to perform this procedure. Now any non-licensed person can provide this service. This change is greatly concerning and will certainly result in higher incidences of injuries, botched jobs, infections or worse. For more reasons than we can count, we strongly encourage choosing someone who is licensed by the state board. Those licensed by the board of cosmetology have undergone the 800+ hours of training, which includes proper sanitation procedures that must be followed when working on the public.


Unfortunately, by the time the poor client figures out that something isn't right, the damage has already been done. Bald spots have already begun to form from lashes that were glued together and/or the irritation of having them applied incorrectly becomes too much to bear. Having them professionally removed can help minimize the damage, but it will take months for "bald spots" to repair themselves---if they ever do grow back. Other times, the client will realize right away that they don't look or feel "right". Removing the immediately will often prevent serious damage. In the end, more money ends up being spent to have them removed had they just been done correctly the first time. Most agree the embarrassment of how they look or the damage they caused simply wasn't worth the money saved.

 **If you have had lashes applied incorrectly and are suffering from pain or irritation, please email and call us right away. Most often, we can meet you at our salon right away for an emergency removal.


Eyelash Extensions DONE CORRECTLY (as shown below) are not damaging and are a wonderful way to enhance your look. When done correctly, they are weightless and relatively maintenance free. When you come to The Lash Bar, you are in the hands of someone properly licensed and trained and that has been doing this procedure for almost a decade! Enter the complete lash bar site to read more about our experience level. Click on the left "Prices" for our complete menu. Also be sure to click on our "client photo gallery" for more great pictures. *All of our full sets come with a FREE FILL!

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