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The Lash Bar uses only the highest quality products on the market today.  This is our "tried and true" recommended list.  Professional use only!  

Lash Bar Premium Synthetic Lashes

Superior quality lashes are of the utmost importance and are the secret to our success! Quality products ensure lash extensions look full and natural. More importantly, they are essential to protecting the natural lashes from damage.  Synthetic lashes should be flexible and move with the natural lash- not brittle and damaging. Premium lashes from The Lash Bar are sleek black in color and sprayed with a micro-coating giving the lashes more surface therefore making the bond much stronger.  The micro-texture coating helps to creates the best possible bond between the natural lash and extension. Premium lashes from The Lash are available in lengths  6mm -20mm. Widths are .10, .15, and .20 and curl styles available are B, C, D and J.  More detailed descriptions below.

J Curl

Shaped similarly to the letter "J", these lashes most mimic natural lashes.  For clients desiring the a natural look, J Curl lashes are the obvious choice. For those with extremely straight, natural lashes, J Curl lashes are easiest to apply as they have the least amount of arc or curve than any of the other styles.

C Curl

Not quite as much arc as the actual letter "C", C Curl lashes offer more of a curl than the original J Curl. C Curl lashes are recommended for clients with curly natural lashes.

B Curl

A nice mix between the most natural J Curl lashes and the curvier C Curl lashes. While B Curl lashes offer a bit more curve than J's, they are still considered a very natural looking style and recommended for those seeking a very natural looks.

D Curl

Extremely curly! D Curl lashes are the curliest of lash extension styles with the greatest arc. The curve on these lashes make it so they prominently show up on the brow brown. Fun, flirty and flashy!


J Curl $29

C Curl $29
B Curl $29
D Curl $29



Ultra Bond

Our favorite adhesive! Quick drying and excellent hold. We've tried them all and Ultra Bond is ideal for the pros! Flexible when dry and not brittle. Ideal for use with our premium lashes. Sleek black color with a smooth finish.

Gel Remover

Effectively and safely breaks down the adhesive bond while still protecting the natural lash. Gel form is not runny and therfor much safer to use near the eye. Strong enough to do the job yet gentle enough for delicate lashes. Another Lash Bar favorite!

Lash Primer

Another secret to our success! Blinc Lash Primer creates the "perfect pallatte" for a new set of lash extensions. Preps and primes the natural lashes by removing excess oil and debris making the surface ideal for bonding extensions.

Lash Care

Our top retail product! Blinc Lash Care effectively removes mascara and other eye makeup and is safe for use with eyelash extensioins.

Ultra Bond $90.00
Gel Remover $25.00
Lash Primer $20.00
Lash Care $12.00



Black Diamond Coating and Sealant

Black Diamond Coating and Sealant is like placing a thing glove over a full set of lashes. The sealant provides one more barrier to dirt, debris, oil and moisture. Extend the life of your full sets with this excellent protective coating. Professional use only. NOT for retail.

Crystal Coating and Sealant

Crystal Diamond Coating and Sealant is like placing a thin glove over a full set of lashes. The sealant provides one more barrier to dirt, debris, oil and moisture. Extend the life of your full sets with this excellent protective coating. Professional use only. NOT for retail.

Magic Eye Mascara

Another Lash Bar favorite! Vamp up it with this water soluable mascara safe for eyelash extensions. Don't forget to suggest Blinc Lash Care makeup remover to your clients to clean!

"I Do Lashes" Pendant Necklace

Swarovski crystal silver "I Do Lashes" pendant necklace with plenty of bling! Adjustable silver chain (not pictured).

Magic Eye Mascara $16.00
Magic Eye Mascara $16.00
Magic Eye Mascara $16.00
Pendent Necklace $25.00



Curved Tweezers

Stainless steel and perfect for seperating lashes.

Straight Tweezers

Stainless steel and perfect for picking up lashes.

Lint Free Eyepads

Lint Free Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patch (Five Pouches Per Box!) Collagen and Arbutin Eye Patch applies the patented technology that slowly releases helpful substance by the temperature of your skin and delivers moisture and nutrients directly onto around your eyes for maximum results.  Collagen delivers elasticity to your skin and Arbutin makes yours eyes bright and healthy!  Specially designed for eyelash extensions.

Curved Tweezers $14.00
Straight Tweezers $14.00
Lint Free Gel Pads $6.75


Features & Benefits

  • Cordless Battery-powered (4 AA not included)
  • LED light illuminates target area.
  • Steady stream of air dries bonding agent faster than blower. 
  • Apply more lashes in the same amount of time.
  • Gentle airflow, will not displace lashes or shock clients with blasts of air.
  • 2 speed operation.
  • Easy slide on/off switch that is easily manipulated with one hand allowing your other hand to remain free and keeps the lash isolated.
  • Compact and ergonomically designed to reduce hand stress.
  • Won’t roll around like a dust blower bulb.
  • Comes with a velvet carrying bag.
  • AC Adaptor Included.
The ZEPHYR Lash Dryer is a handheld, battery-powered device that delivers a quiet, gentle, steady stream of air with pin point accuracy.  The ZEPHYR Lash Dryer replaces the awkward hand-squeezed blowers that are currently used by the majority of lash extension professionals.  With the ZEPHYR Air Wand, lash professionals no longer have to squeeze a blower bulb hundreds of times per eyelash extensions application.  The constant steady airflow the ZEPHYR provides dries the bonding agent more quickly than a blower without disturbing the lashes.  This improves the overall quality of the application and allows more lashes to be applied in less time.   Clients prefer the steady, serene airflow and reduced procedure time the ZEPHYR Lash Dryer provides.  When comparing the “ZEPHYR experience”, to the sudden shocking blasts of air from conventional hand-squeezed blowers, the choice is obvious.


Zephyr Lash Dryer $95


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